Camera Phone Friday #67

1. 10 years in the making, 2. Best buds & kickball queens 😉, 3. 1st ride on my new bike!, 4. Tiny bird egg found

Based on the weekend forecast here in Atlanta and the weather app snapshots from other places that I’ve seen on Instagram and Facebook this week, many of us are hot, hot, hot, as in 100+ degrees, as in Man it’s hot. It’s like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.  (Name that movie!)

Recent camera phone collages reveal an increasing tendency to just cut to the chase and use Instagram’s Earlybird filter. It’s always been my favorite and I’ve decided to quit trying so hard to balance my filter use, so more Earlybird!

If you’re on Instagram, what’s your favorite filter?

Image 1: We’ve watched this couple since they met 10 years ago at about 13 years old. The bride was beautiful and the wedding lovely. Weddings make great date nights!

Image 2: Sunday afternoon’s church picnic kickball game brought out the competitive spirit in all ages. I’d play every week, win or lose.

Image 3: Remember all my bike talk after our trip to Callaway Gardens? I spent nearly a week Google searching and reading reviews, finally settling on a cute Diamondback (it got good reviews, too, but cute never hurts). I now own a bike!

I took the kids for a ride at a local greenway this week and realized that there’s an awful lot I don’t know about gear shifting. Although I rode a 3-speed bike at Callaway, I purchased one with 21 speeds. I spent more time analyzing gear choices than enjoying the ride (and knew I was doing it all wrong), so back to Google I went. (I’m quite a fan of the Google search.)

Thanks to articles like this and this (I didn’t subscribe to watch the video), hopefully I’ll do better next time. At least I know not to change gears while parked; to downshift before stopping; and to shift gears while peddling, but not while peddling with pressure.

Hopefully with careful reading and re-reading and lots of practice, it will stick.

Image 4: This is the second bird egg my little gal’s found this summer. You’d appreciate how small the egg is if you could see the size of the hand holding it.

How hot is it in your neck of the woods and what did your camera phone capture this week? Link it!

Camera Phone Friday

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