Today our youngest turns seven. I can hardly believe it! After years of mothering small children it amazes me that we don’t have babies and toddlers anymore. And as a friend recently described her, our youngest resembles a first-born: mature and independent.

Camera Phone Friday #66

1. Awww, I think this means my kids miss @CallawayGardens #callawaysfa, 2. 10yos grew the lettuce in my sandwich in his little garden!, 3. Strawberry sundae to celebrate: we do not have strep throat!, 4. Trying a new Mexican restaurant!

This first collage was from last week; packing and getting ready for our trip kept me too busy to post. The bottom left image shows our celebratory ice cream sundae after a doctor’s visit Friday afternoon confirmed no strep throat. The thought of 9+ hours shut up in a van full of people with a highly contagious virus made me nervous, but thankfully it wasn’t an issue.

Camera Phone Friday #66 (collage #2)

1. Just like dad! Happy Father’s Day!, 2. Buried in the sand, 3. Father’s Day fun: burying kids in the sand, 4. Florida sunset

Ann posted a link to these fun printables for Father’s Day and I literally grabbed them off the printer as we walked out the door for our trip. That’s what the silly girls with beards are all about—just like dad! (well, somebody’s dad)

Camera Phone Friday #66 (collage #3)

1. Beach baby. (almost 7, but always my baby), 2. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, 3. Chocolate peanut butter, 4. Beach sunset, 5. Trick glasses, 6. Flight

Camera Phone Friday #66 (collage #4)

1. Beach sunset #3 #nofilter, 2. Kite chasing, 3. Fresh sand dollar, 4. Hangin’ with my girl

Here are some other photos, all with my iPhone 4. I almost never switch to HDR mode because the files are bigger, but I thought I’d give it a try.






My husband found a living sand dollar in the ocean. We watched it move and breathe—fascinating! Hopefully you can see it, too, in this video.

Do you have vacation plans this summer? What did your camera phone capture this week?

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