Camera Phone Friday #61

1. Sunny day baseball, 2. Yellow, 3. #cincodemoes @Moes_HQ, 4. Heading to the lake!

Life is starting to slow a bit this week now that we’ve wrapped all of our outside classes and one of our two baseball seasons. Yesterday the pollen got the best of me and I felt pretty lousy, so it seemed like a good day to start a new book. I actually restarted a book I bought about a year and a half ago, Saving Leonardo. It’s listed in the new Classical Conversations catalog as optional reading for the class I teach, but I think I’m going to recommend it for summer.

homemade liquid body wash

The most frugally clever thing I did this week was make homemade body wash based on the instructions from this post, which I originally found via Pinterest. It’s kind of ooey gooey, but I’m enjoying it, maybe because I’m tickled I made it myself.

What are you reading or making and what did your camera phone capture this week?

Camera Phone Friday

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