Camera Phone Friday #56

1. This party’s about to get started! #psw12, 2. So fun having lunch with @thegypsymama @Moes_HQ while I’m in DC for #psw12, 3. Crazy cool model setup from @WestcottCo at #psw12, 4. Molten Chocolate Cake – oh my! #psw12, 5. Cool art & good chance to use my degree in Russian. Just don’t remember what it means #psw12, 6. I want to be one of these couples someday, 7. @aj_wood & family getting book signed by @scottkelby @ajwood, 8. You’re never too young to learn Photoshop (or maybe watch Wall-E) #psw12 @aj_wood’s daughter), 9. Totally cool Nikon 50mm lens bracelet from @lensbracelet #psw12

Camera Phone Friday is nothing if not unpredictable: a slow week might have four photos, a busy one twenty-four. This week’s total is seventeen. All but the last three flesh out my trip last weekend to Washington, DC, for Photoshop World. I think my phone captured more than my camera.

I’ve worn my new 50mm Lens Bracelet (bottom right in collage above) all week—geek chic at its finest!

Camera Phone Friday #56 (collage #2)

1. Photoshop World Midnight Madness #psw12, 2. Painting from DC Cherry Blossom Festival 100th anniversary #psw12, 3. Expo Hall #psw12, 4. L’Enfant Metro Station #psw12

I may have been in DC during the 100th anniversary of their Cherry Blossom Festival, but I really didn’t see many cherry blossoms. I took the metro from the convention center to the airport on the last day, and really wish I’d figured it out a little sooner and done some sightseeing.

The photo bottom right in the collage above was taken in the L’Enfant Metro Station. Last week I emailed my students in the Classical Conversations Challenge II class that I teach a link to this story about Joshua Bell playing anonymously in L’Enfant, so being there felt meaningful (I got to visit twice, since I should have gotten off and changed trains the first time through).

Camera Phone Friday #56 (collage #3)

1. Bumpy ride from DC to Philadelphia. Glad to be on the ground., 2. That includes my 10 cent Kroger gas discount 🙁, 3. Robin’s egg found on the ground in our backyard (there’s a nest and more in our porch light), 4. Dogwood

I think the last four images are just lovely, except for that awful gas pump. $111.40! What’s the most you’ve payed for gas lately?

What did your camera phone capture this week? Link it below!

Camera Phone Friday

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