You didn’t think you were only getting a BlissDom recap with Smilebooth photos, did you? (But oh, weren’t they fun!) Here’s what my camera and I saw last week. I usually skip the watermark on photos that I’m in because I didn’t actually take them, but it looks like I flubbed a bit. Oh, well!


This was a big happy moment during the new BlissDom Handmade Marketplace when I first saw some of my (in)courage and DaySpring friends. And Annie(!), who finally returned to the U.S. after galavanting around an extended visit to Scotland.




As a Community Leader for photography, I was assigned to both of Me Ra Koh’s sessions, Shoot Like a Woman pt. 1 and 2. Golly, I loved her! The woman is smart, funny, genuine, and inspiring. That’s her husband in the middle picture; they are really cute together.



Yep, that’s Rascal Flatts. Joe Jonas sang before them, but that’s when Holley, Tsh, Lisa-Jo, Stephanie, and I were cruising through Nashville acting like teenagers in the Camaro (which will rate a post of its own) and eating Southern comfort food at Edley’s Bar-B-Que with in-the-know local and new friend Keely (who is responsible for the amazing photos you see from the Compassion Blogger trips).



Lorax Party



These last four were just after Rascal Flatts, and then as we walked back through the Lorax-themed room, a splash of pink and yellow and orange and fuzziness.



These are from the Michael Hyatt session. I was excited to hear him speak and he didn’t disappoint.

I missed Camera Phone Friday last week, so I’ll cover two weeks tomorrow, and those photos will fill in the gaps!

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