I‘m blessed to have cheerleaders in my life: friends that encourage; a husband that supports me and thinks everything I attempt is just fabulous; online-turned-real-life friends to bounce my creative ideas off of, like my friend Holley.

Holley is my Words With Friends BFF—we play a minimum of 5 games at a time, at all hours of the day and night.

I email designs I’m working on to Holley to see what she thinks.

Holley bought the first print in my new Etsy store (Oh, wait! I haven’t told you about that, yet!).

Holley believes in me. And that means a lot.

She and Stephanie invited me to the first Camp Creativpreneur with their new company Squee Inc. (This is a big day for them—their website launched!)


Aren’t they cute?


Here we are: the first Camp Creativpreneur campers
with our fearless leaders, Holley and Stephanie!

Holley possesses a God-given gift for encouragement, which she sprinkles lavishly on all those who read her words or listen to her. Her latest book, You’re Already Amazing releases on March 1, but you can pre-order it today and tomorrow from Barnes & Noble for half price—$6.99!

I’ve already ordered mine and apparently I’m not the only one: You’re Already Amazing is currently #1 at Barnes & Noble and it hasn’t even been released!

Spend some time with Holley and you’ll feel like she’s your own personal cheerleader, too.

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