I‘ve studied Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages (separate test for children) enough to know that my 10-year-old son’s primary language is Quality Time. He wants to run errands with me—even boring ones. Last week he surprised me in such a sweet way.

I’d said goodbye to the kids when I said goodnight, since I had to get up at 4:15 a.m. for an early morning flight. Nobody gets up that early unless they have to, right? In the morning when I tried to open our bedroom door, at first it wouldn’t give. I pushed it open and found a rope tied around the knob. I followed the rope across our living room and over the couch until it ended in the floor.

A couple of minutes later my 10-year-old son walked into the kitchen. Apparently there was string tied to the end of that rope, which continued through the hall and into his bedroom, where he’d tied it to his hand.

That sweet boy concocted an elaborate scheme so that he’d wake up when I did and we could spend some time together before I left.


Teen boys can be difficult, but it can also be a sweet time for a mother and son. The birth order of our children goes like this: boy, boy, boy, girl, girl, boy, girl, girl; someday the other boys will be gone and this one will be here with just a bunch of sisters.

I look forward to seeing what kind of young man he’ll become.

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