Camera Phone Friday Week #45

1. Time to create . . . (I’ll just ignore that murder part – this is T.S. Eliot), 2. Chambord champagne cocktail, 3. Costume contest, 4. Yo. I’m tough., 5. My own personal super hero 🙂, 6. Blue skies, 7. Meeting great Granny, 8. Big orange fish, 9. Ice cream finale to happy 95th birthday dinner with Granny

This week our family undertook a cross country adventure to visit my husband’s grandmother on her 95th birthday. Our two youngest girls had never met Granny and the other kids hadn’t seen her in years. We spent two nights in Kansas City, KS, with my mother-in-law and visited family there, and then spent two days in Joplin, MO, with Granny.

Granny is an inspiration. At 95 she still lives in a duplex on her own, drives, and bowls regularly. It’s been a while since she’s hit 200, but she doesn’t score too far below it. Much higher than I’ve ever bowled, that’s for sure.

We may have provided the most chaotic birthday Granny’s had in years, but it was a happy one. We played cards all afternoon; went out for dinner to Cheddar’s, where the whole room sang Happy Birthday and were awed by Granny’s spunk and good knees; and then went home and played cards the rest of the evening.

I don’t know when we’ll see her next, but the whole family fell in love with Granny all over again (and the little ones for the first time).

What did your camera phone capture this week?

Camera Phone Friday

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