Camera Phone Collage week #48 (collage #2)

1. “She’s a fatty with juicy bits” (@inspiredbryant made me say that) #campcreativpreneur #imabouttoeatthebiggestcinnamonrollever #canyoudeciferthis?, 2. Tea for 2 with @inspiredbryant & my huge cinnamon roll, 3. Squee!!! #campcreativpreneur with @inspiredbryant @holleygerth @nester @redletterwords @lainieb @erinulrich, 4. Loving being a guinea pig at the 1st #campcreativpreneur from @squeeinc!

camera Phone Collage week #48 (collage #3)

1. Do you want your crayons back?, 2. Creative goodness from #campcreativpreneur #lovemyjournal, 3. My own pot of Blackberry Sage tea, tarts, & a homemade marshmallow! {le sigh} Feeling spoiled at #campcreativpreneur, 4. Too lovely to eat #campcreativpreneur @squeeinc, 5. How did I get this @instagram when I’m holding my camera? 😉, 6. Interesting: the Last Supper upside down in spools of thread, 7. By Gilbert Stuart #campcreativpreneur, 8. Live this painting by Edward Dalton Marchant #nofilter #dudelookslikejohnlennon #campcreativpreneur, 9. School Rules by William Holbrook Beard, 10. Rosie the Riveter in person!, 11. *like* Stuart Davis: Rue de l’Echaude, 12. @redletterwords about to experience @chickfila for the 1st time!, 13. Woo hoo! @redletterwords loved her 1st @chickfila experience, 14. Campin’ at #campcreativpreneur @squeeinc, 15. My bracelets that talk to me, 16. It’s January, & my youngest is still playing A Charlie Brown Christmas #bestkidsappever, 17. My youngest doing the 30 Day Shred with me using stuffed toys for weights, 18. Duckie balloon @chickfila, 19. Balloon dog boy 🙂, 20. My necklace is a painted clay model of my camera, made for me by @sprittibee’s daughter!

Camera Phone Collage week #48

1. Oh, how I love these onion rings!, 2. Crazy alien puppets we made, 3. Making puppet faces, 4. 10yos making shadow puppets

Wow! This has been a seriously Instagrammable week! It started a fabulous 4-day trip to Arkansas where I visited DaySpring headquarters and got to be a guinea pig for the first Camp Creativpreneur from a new company called Squee! (The site hasn’t launched yet, but look for great things to come from this collaboration between my dear friends Holley and Stephanie) and wrapped with a sweet date with my 10-year-old son to see Space! at the Center for Puppetry Arts followed by lunch at The Varsity.

Less Instagrammable moments included our first dissection this year (earthworms) for the Classical Conversations class I tutor and my progress with the 30 Day Shred, although you can see my 6-year-old daughter doing it with stuffed dolls as weights in the middle collage.

What did your camera phone capture this week?

Camera Phone Friday

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