I love the favorite things party idea guest post at Nester’s this week. At the bottom is a linky for posts about favorite (under $30) items, so I thought I’d play!

Raspberry Lemonade BlastI am hopelessly addicted to Raspberry Lemonade Blast Blistex. It smells and tastes delicious (not that you’re supposed to eat your lip balm—which I don’t—but it does taste good). I don’t see it very often, so I snag some whenever I can!

Tazo Wild Sweet Orange

Tazo Wild Sweet Orange is one of my very favorite hot teas (I’m not a coffee drinker). Do not confuse it with Tazo’s Orange Blossom tea, which is blech!

NYX jumbo eye pencil yogurt

I love NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yogurt. It’s smooth and creamy and a good everyday color, which also works well at night.

Goody DoubleWear

I discovered Goody’s DoubleWear Collection of ponytail bands/bracelets and headbands/ necklaces at Bloggy Boot Camp. A Goody’s rep stayed in the bathroom and doled out hair accessories all day. It was a brilliant marketing move and I seemed to leave with another pretty or functional item everytime I made a pitstop. My hair is too short now to use these as hair accessories, but I love them as jewelry!

Midas concealer

You can’t beat $3.50 for a concealer that works! I love the Midas concealer from The All Natural Face. (I use some of their other products, too, but this is my favorite.)

White Collar

I’m going to sink into a deep depression when we finish watching all the episodes of White Collar on Netflix. They’ve hit the magic formula: characters that you care about and a cast that really clicks.

Hop on over to Nesting Place if you want to read other lists or add yours to the linky!

What are some of your favorite inexpensive things?

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