Camera Phone Friday Week #43

1. Phineas & Ferb LIVE, 2. Straight No Chaser @ryansongs, 3. @SNCMusic rocking Atlanta!, 4. @SNCMusic signing autographs after the show, 5. Oooey gooey cinnamon rolls from @thepioneerwoman in the works!, 6. A friend’s 17′ tree

By the end of the day today we should have all of our family in Georgia (our second son flies home from Dallas) and by late Saturday we should all be here in our home sweet home. Until you’ve had a child leave, I’m not sure you can appreciate the feeling of having your entire family together. We’ve got a sweet reunion ahead of us.

Yesterday we made a double batch of the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls. They roll out too big and messy to be contained on a cutting board, but this year I kept it somewhat under control. Based on an idea from a friend who makes large cakes, I bought a 30″ x 36″ piece of acrylic at Lowe’s as a work surface. I peeled off the protective coating, cleaned it with a mild all-purpose cleaner, and then rolled my dough and cut the rolls on it.

When the tsunami waves of butter, cinnamon, and sugar surged in my direction (check out the bottom center picture in the collage above), my mother-in-law was able to lift the edge of the acrylic and keep the tide in check. Clean up was easier than expected, too. It was definitely money well spent (around $22).

I took 3 of this week’s Instagram images at the Straight No Chaser concert Sunday night. Click here to view a slideshow of my camera (not camera phone) shots. I’m really pleased with this set (not to mention with the concert itself).

[If you’re an email subscriber, for some reason the last 3 weeks’ Camera Phone Friday posts haven’t gone through, but they posted. Also, did anyone notice that last week was the “2 weeks until Christmas” edition? I’m in don’t-have-my-shopping-finished denial.]

So, what did your camera phone capture this week?

Camera Phone Friday

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