Queso for 2 @ Moe's! Thanks @Moes_HQ for sponsoring us to #relevant11My bunch absolutely cannot do without community. We love family time, but getting together with friends—where the moms can share, the kids can play, and the dads can bond—is a must. Hanging with our Moe’s gang on Kids Eat Free night gets me through the hump in the middle of the week.

Although we arrive separately in our own time, we leave en masse and always after closing time. If the weather’s warm the conversation moves outside, where the kids play football, frisbee, or whatever in the parking lot.

Loaded rice bowl @Moes_HQ roadtrip #relevant11
Our community at Moe’s grew slowly, week by week. We constantly invite new people, who might come once or occasionally, but there’s a core of us that rarely miss.

Tonight my 6- and 8-year-old daughters sat at a table with a little girl and her mother. When I introduced myself, I found that these were friends made at Moe’s on another evening; the girls didn’t know each other from anywhere else, but they sat together for supper.

We're here @Moes_HQ! #relevant11
Your can build community like this where you live. Find a Moe’s or any restaurant with a family night and invite your friends. If you don’t have local friends, just show up and make them.

No one cooks. No one cleans. Just breathe and let friendships germinate.

Last week my 16-year-old son and I made the 700 mile drive to Harrisburg, PA, for The Relevant Conference largely due to one of our sponsors—you guessed it—Moe’s Southwest Grill.

The manager of our local Moe’s told me he hoped that after visiting restaurants in other parts of the country, we’d return to say that his location—our location—was best. While others may have been bigger or better situated, nothing compares to being where everyone knows your name.

Does your family have community? What can you do to foster it?

Our Road Trip to Relevant was made possible by sponsorship from:

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