Camera Phone Friday Week #37

1. Crafting in her pearls & her tee (cc: @QuaverMusic) 2. Autumn crafts 3. Yard Sale
4. Picasso IRL 5. Art history quiz: who’s the artist? 6. Phone. Photography. Fun.

Veterans' Day (no filter)Today my kids and I attended our county’s Veterans’ Day celebration, one of my favorite events to photograph and to attend. Not all of my kids “get” Veterans’ Day—one, in fact, tends to complain year after year—but sometimes as parents we keep plugging away, doing the right thing, showing up at the right places, even if the effort is misunderstood or under-appreciated at the time.

As a Veteran so eloquently stated today, “We honor the dead by serving the living.” 

 How can we serve?

Camera Phone Friday

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What did your camera shoot this week?

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