Have you seen the new 31 Days series for October? You can read all about it at Nester’s. Basically, anyone who wants to participate for the 31 Days can write a post series of their choice, their topic, their blog. A linky will go up so that you can branch off to all participating blogs from one place. Cool, huh?

When I wrote a 31 Days of Encouragement series in January it was a comfortable format for me—a combination of image and verse—although I’d never blogged faith for a full month straight. Actually I’d never blogged every day of the month ever, plus I attended the BlissDom conference at the end of the month. Unbelievably (to me), I didn’t miss a day.

This time I want to try something different, hopefully engaging (January was very quiet, and honestly, I spent a lot of time wondering whether or not the series was blessing anyone). Finding a topic hasn’t been easy, but two things have influenced me: a comment that Sara made to me in an email and a post from Ann.

Sara’s comment:

I totally think people look at twitter all wrong. they make fun of people posting all the little mundane details of their life, but I think it’s making people stop and really *look* at their life. I rarely miss big things as much as the little things when I look back. keep taking your pictures! 🙂

An excerpt from Ann’s post:

 for that is all I have, all we all have, really – the Word God making our lives into lines that we throw to each other.

The lines of our stories become literal life-lines that we throw to each other when the storms come and beat hard on our lives.

So I tell you a story tonight… words I wrote on a screen and clicked the cursor on publish. I am a mess and I tell you my messy story — and it may be the story of the women who read your stories — real women looking for real lifelines.

31 Days of Real Life
One of my objectives in photography is to seek beauty in the mundane, the everyday, the (often) overlooked: the meaning in the moments. I’ve chosen the theme 31 Days of Real Life. I’m not completely sure what this will look like, but I’ll figure it out as I go.

What can you do? Share with me any ideas you’d like for me to explore this month. Feel free to leave it in the comments or email it to dawnmhsh @ gmail.com (just omit the spaces). Thank you!


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