I‘d be lying if I said blogging doesn’t make me feel like I’m still in high school sometimes. Not the good parts—being young and healthy and able to eat whatever I want without gaining weight—but the ugly stuff: insecurities, doubts.

Documenting pageviews and subscribers for blog campaigns or the often demoralizing and disheartening quest for elusive conference sponsorships can leave a girl feeling vulnerable, like standing in front of a table of judges at cheerleading try outs, wondering if you’ve made the squad.

Am I good enough? Will they want me? What could I do better? 

In studying history I find cultures that fell apart because they rested on a foundation no stronger than man himself. A fallible foundation eventually equals a failed society, no matter how much human might and ingenuity it possess.

I’m suspended from a pendulum perpetually dancing between failure and success when I take God out of the equation and see through worldly eyes, where grace and mercy are absent. Thankfully the Lord doesn’t value us based on our worldly achievements; He loves us as brothers and sisters and in His eyes . . .

We are more than our stats.

“Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.” ~Acts 10:34


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