One day a week I teach five subjects to a class of homeschool sophomores. This is my second year so I’ve done it all before, but sometimes things still slip up on me.

On the way to church I realized that we’re studying mold—bread or cheese—under a microscope this week, and I forgot to “create” some. Obviously, two days isn’t much time to produce it. I sent a frantic email to my class hoping that someone had moldy food lying around their house. One girl found a bit on some grease; helpful, but not exactly what we need.

While the kids and I packed our lunches for tomorrow’s classes, my daughter yelled, “Ewwwww, gross! There’s still cheese in your bag!”

Last week we had an extra helping of sliced sharp cheddar that was never eaten. It sat in my lunch bag all week sealed in a baggie, where it developed a nice layer of mold.

The Lord provides.


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