The monthly attendance reports that homeschoolers are required to submit in Georgia cramp my style. I’m thankful to live in a good state for homeschoolers, but it’s just plain easy to forget about those forms. If you do, however, you can expect a letter or call from your county, and if you have a high schooler, it can affect their ability to get a driver’s permit or license.

This summer I learned about a service called Homeschool Compliance, which is accepted in 110 Georgia counties. Set up an account and log into the secure site; enter your family information, dates for your current school year, etc.; create an electronic signature (quite entertaining); and submit your monthly attendance online. No stamps, printer ink, paper, or envelopes!

Your family info—those details that we fill in over and over again each month—are pre-populated and all Monday-Friday dates are pre-checked. The system automatically calculates the total days of attendance for the month and the cumulative days for the year, time-saving features that make filling out your form a breeze.

It literally takes seconds to submit your monthly attendance.

You’ll receive monthly reminders to submit and an email receipt when the report has been received by your local school system. You can have PDF copies of the reports emailed to you for your records, and they are always available on the website, too. View a demo video here.

Sign up for a free 3-month trial and then pay a low $1 per month.

Win a free year of Homeschool Compliance! (do one or all, leave a comment for each)

(Remember that this service is for Georgia homeschoolers.)

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