We started a new year of Classical Conversations classes on Tuesday and I’ll be perfectly honest: I wasn’t ready to let go of summer break. Last year was my first time tutoring Challenge II—the equivalent of 10th grade—and it monopolized my life and attention for the school year. I knew the first year would be an investment and the prep work would never again be as intense, but still the question nagged . . .

Can I have a life and teach this class?

Yes, apparently.

Company last week; a busy weekend and important church conference Sunday; one son returning to college and another moving back home: all of these combined to keep my focus on faith and family instead of Algebra 2 and British Lit in the days leading up to the first day of class.

Sunday night I sat in the floor with some of my older kids as we shared our hearts and dreams and engaged in that level of conversation that bonds and brands you as family.

No frozen pizza the night before my son would fly back to Dallas for his sophomore year of college. I made the Pioneer Woman‘s chicken pot pie for the first time (best. chicken. pot. pie. ever.) and we sat around the table and enjoyed each other’s company.

And then I stood on my front porch and cried as he drove away with his daddy for the airport, less than two hours before my first day of tutoring began. By the time I’d finished, he’d landed in Texas.

There are nine really neat kids in my class and our first day was wonderful. Hopefully I can juggle both my family and my class, as imperfect as my efforts may sometimes be.

This is totally unrelated, but while editing a batch of photos tonight I saw these from the Southeast Homeschool Expo. On the left is Graham Hepburn, Quaver of , and on the right is Steve Demme of Math-U-See. I’m on the advisory council for Quaver and I worked the Math-U-See booth at Georgia homeschool conferences for years, so it was pretty cool introducing them, even if I acquired a pair of bunny ears in the process.



Has your new school year started, and if so, did you jump right in or resist like I did?

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