Chase Jarvis has a fascinating photography project going on now called Dasein: An Invitation to Hang. He is currently the Artist in Residence at the Ace Hotel New York, curating both online and live galleries of images contributed by everyone from famous photographers to celebrities to you and me.

He’s looking for snapshots: think slice-of-life. Read all about it here or check out this video:

I submitted some snapshots on Monday and was excited to see one on the site yesterday. There are tons of great images (including camera phone pics) that can be viewed in succession or as thumbnails (click the highlighted “Thumbnail Mode” link in the sidebar). To submit, click the big “Submit” link in the sidebar (instead of missing it and tweeting Chase to ask how, which is what I did).

Here’s my shot that was published:


Later I went back and looked at the thumbnails and saw more of my images there (I’m just posting links for the ones that have appeared here on the blog before):


Lunch – I love this camera phone photo from a lunch date to Waffle House with my youngest son. The old man in the background kept looking at us, and I thought he was listening to our conversation. I invented an entire story about how his wife died and how coming to Waffle House is the closest thing he gets to home cooking.

I felt kind of sneaky pretending to play with my phone while snapping a few shots. I loved the juxtaposition of the old man and the young boy.





Go! Submit some snapshots and please come back and tell me if you did.

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