Not ready to give up the floatiesOur neighborhood pool opened a week and a half ago. Hardly an hour goes by that one of the kids doesn’t ask me a) if I’ll take them to the pool or b) when is the next time we’re going. The truth is, I can’t swim and I’m just not much of a pool person.

Some childhood experiences left both my sister and I with a fear of water. Driving down the road with the windows open and catching a whiff of chlorine still ties my stomach in knots.

I definitely want my kids to be able to swim, to not be afraid like I am. I just wish they didn’t want to be at the pool all the time. It is awfully sweet being there for the little ones, though. They’re much lighter to carry in the water.

1st time the kids have forced me to go to the pool this seasonI sure am thankful for a son who’s home from college and sometimes willing to take brothers and sisters to swim. He made a deal this week that he’d take them every day if they didn’t watch any TV. That’s perfect because my goal is to keep them unplugged as much as possible this summer.

What about you? Do you enjoy the pool? Take the kids? Avoid it at all costs?

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