There’s nothing unlucky about posting my 13th camera phone collage on a Friday! Link up your camera phone photos at the bottom of this post.

Apparently this week I was insanely Instagrammatic (a perfect acceptable made-up word): 21 Instagrammed pictures for the week. There are over 2200 images on my phone now. I import them to my computer, too (because they might as well hog memory in as many places as possible, right?), so eventually I may need to remove a few from the phone. Or delete a few apps. We’ll see…

Here’s my camera phone week in review:

Camera Phone Friday #13

Grape Moustache | Moe’s tee | Moe’s supper
Moscato | Don’t squander the opportunity (via @SethGodin) | Believe it or not, Moe’s again
Sweet weed | Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza | Now this brings back memories…

Camera Phone Friday #13 (collage #2)

Send stuff into the world (via @ChaseJarvis) | Fun shooting at the ballpark | It’s a hit!
Red light, green light | Huddle after the last game | Started as a mother/daughter walk…
A new read | Out cold | Getting ready for #berrytasty lunch @Wendy’s Saturday

Warbington Farms Instagram Collage

I got picked at Warbington Farms! | Pickin’ berries | Petting Zoo

How many photos are stored on your phone?

Camera Phone Friday

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