Camera Phone Collage #9

Hanging with E.B. | Lunch on the town | Large weed
Beauty on my morning walk | Puffballs | Moe’s birthday party


I thought I must have become a truly lazy instagrammer until I realized that the app wasn’t sending all my photos to flickr (and Big Huge Labs mosaic maker, pulling images from flickr, is how I make my weekly collages). I’ve uploaded the missing photos and here’s an extra collage for week 9!

Camera Phone Collage #9 (2nd collage)

After the win | Azalea love | Picking colors
C.S. Lewis and a pedicure is a good start to this day | Summer Toes | Anyone know what these are?
Cherry pie in progress | Cherry pie | Chili’s night
Instructions for remedial visitors to the potty | Summer feet | Dew and renewal in a new day

We are approaching the end of the school year and of our outside classes and activities in full force. What about you?

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