Instagram Collage week 3My Little Chickadee  |  “Honk!” @ The Alliance Theatre  |  Church morning  |  Pleated Poppy
English Breakfast Tea & lemon poppy seed   |  junior photographer  |  lunch of champions  |  1st ball game
Chili’s  |  Fierce Cowgirl Silly Band  |  Welcome to Moe’s!  |  slicing green peppers
Silly Hat  |  Beach House  |  11yod artistic collage  |  love letters @ the ballpark

Here is another week as captured by my camera phone. I added another fun app, Diptic, which allows you to create collages on your phone (see the colorful collage of 3 of my daughter’s drawings, 2nd from the right on the bottom row?). Create the collage in Diptic and then post it to Instagram.

The bigger collages that I use here on my blog are created using Big Huge Labs’ Mosaic Maker. It is easy to use, either pulling photos from your Flickr stream, Facebook, uploading them, or from somewhere else you’ve stored them online (enter URL).

I’ve drawn some arrows here to show you the key points for creating a mosaic: choose the number of columns and rows (you can change it after you’ve started); see the shape preview of how your layout will look; click that “Choose Photo” button to upload photos or grab them from Flickr or Facebook.

Big Huge Labs' Mosaic Maker

Once you’re finished, you can download it or save it to Flickr right from Big Huge Labs.

If you like the idea of capturing moments with your camera phone and creating a weekly collage, like I’m doing here, email me or leave it in comments. If there’s an interest, I’ll set up a photo linky where we can share. You could link to a blog post, flickr image, whatever. {Updated to add: I now have a weekly camera phone post called Camera Phone Friday, which contains a photo linky where you can share camera phone images from your week, too.}

Have a great weekend!

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