You may have noticed that I link to The Nester fairly often. Not only is she sweet, funny, and someone I consider a friend, she constantly inspires me to take risks. Sometimes just imagining you can do something you wouldn’t have thought possible is a risk in and of itself.

This week Nester has posted a linky for posts about taking risks. Lately, my “risks” have involved taking inventory of what my goals aren’t as much as what they are (and learning to accept the difference).

Since I got my first DSLR three years ago, I’ve been trying to cram myself into a mold of what I thought I was supposed to be, to do: start a portrait photography business and also sell stock photography. Were either of those comfortable or desirable to me? No. I just thought I was supposed to do that sort of thing if I invested my money in this gear and my time and energy in the pursuit of this knowledge.

{Reading Melissa’s eloquent description of starting a traditional photography business drove it home to me: if I don’t feel that way about it—and I don’t—that’s not what I need to be doing.}

Word to Live ByWhat do I love? I love to teach, to encourage, to inspire. I love the feel of my camera in my hand; the sound it makes; getting the shot all wrong and analyzing and experimenting until I get it right; editing until the finished product fulfills, exceeds, or redefines my original vision.

I love shooting events, like BlissDom; love capturing moments that define relationships or people; love details, the sublime mundane.

What do I want? I want to tie the things I love together—words, images, and the desire to teach and inspire (the photo is of my bracelet, a visible prompt, a reminder).

I want to write a book.

(It’s strange to write or speak those words— they stick to my tongue or my fingertips on the keys—both thrilling and daunting at the same time.)

What would you want to see in a book about photography for you, the everyday photographer?

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