Camera Phone Collage #4 (2)
Spring has Sprung! | photographing your shoe is awkward | “never never have I ever”
Retro packaging  |  Apparently real sugar is old school  |  Monday Morning
Isn’t “bopyfogey” a word?  |  Garden Center  |  Necessary Indulgence
My b-day card & cupcake @Moe’s  |  Quaver Music @SouthEastHS |  @dearabbyleigh & I

I have had so much fun making collages of my weekly camera phone pics. My phone is more readily available than my “real” camera and some weeks it gets a lot more action. I love how easy it is to capture the mundane details of day to day life this way and put it all together in a weekly collage.

Do you have a phone on your camera and do you use it? Read last week’s post to see just how easy it is to create a mosaic at Big Huge Labs, and then link it up here. If you blog it, link directly to that post; otherwise, you can link directly to Flickr or another photo storage site.

Want to play?

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