I love BlissDom, where blogging moms feel like rock stars for four days. In an everyday life filled with cooking, cleaning, laundry, and homeschooling, it’s a fun and welcome change of routine. (Thanks Alli and Barbara!)

One of my boys—my oldest child at home—turned 16 that week so I took him with me. It was a no-brainer: be a loser mom who misses her son’s 16th birthday or a cool mom who takes her son on a four-day trip to Opryland Hotel in Nashville. I am so thankful for the fine folks at DaySpring who not only gave him a job while he was there, but provided him with food, friends, and male fellowship in the sea of estrogen that is BlissDom.


That’s us being silly on the way back to our room after the (in)courage beach house party, which I told him was in honor of his birthday.

DaySpring and (in)courage

Speaking of DaySpring and the second annual (in)courage beach house party, they had a gorgeous suite full of products, which they gave away both during and after the event. My son loved the “Everything is Beautiful” canvas on the top row of this collage, so it’s ours now.

(in)courage BlissDom collage

I can hardly describe what a blessing it is to be part of something like (in)courage. Not only is there a strong sense of community in the website itself, but among the authors as well. I love spending time with these women and I’m looking forward to good things in store for (in) this year.

Journey of a Flat Friend

My buddy Sprittibee couldn’t make it this year—her new baby bee was born just three days after the conference ended—but I took her along with me in spirit. “Flat Heather” had a great time!

Sprittibee BlissDom Mosaic


BlissDom’s sponsors ROCK!

BlissDom Sponsors Collage

Freschetta spinach and mushroom pizzaI participated in focus groups with Freschetta Pizza and Unilever’s Don’t Fret the Sweat campaign on Saturday. After years of buying the cheapest name brand pizza that I could find, I have now given myself approval to indulge in adult pizza, too. Freschetta had both a scientist and a chef who spoke to us about their production process and I’m impressed, especially with the taste.

The Brick Oven Spinach and Mushroom pizza is to die for.

I shot a BlissTV segment for Unilever with author Rosalind Wiseman, but it’s too soon to know if any of my interview will make it into the finished product. I brought home Rosalind’s book Queen Bees and Wannabees, which looks like an interesting read.

Photographic Evidence

I even have proof that I was there! I’m so glad I passed my camera around and got some photos with these lovely ladies: Jenn, Ruthanne, Melissa, Edie, Abby, Amber, Sara, and Ashleigh.

Jenn is a fellow Quaver Advisory Council Blogger, and Abby is their PR whiz who brought us on board.

I was at BlissDom!

Like my fake curls?


Miley Cyrus Party in the USAThe experience of BlissDom this year was THE FLASH MOB! Around 90 of us were part of a secret Facebook group that contained videos, individual “wave” info, and everything else needed to pull off an Improv Everywhere-style event.

At the end of the closing keynote by Unmarketing’s Scott Stratten, Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” started playing and the flash mob began. We popped up dancing in multiple “waves” throughout the double ballroom. I was in the second, or blue wave.

At one point we all moved toward the front of the room, into the space between the stage and the front tables, and that’s where we finished the song. It was just a phenomenal experience, an adrenaline rush!

Kudos to Jana for recording the videos, organizing this, making us believe we could do it. She truly enabled a dream-come-true moment for a lot of women.

Because I can’t get enough BlissDom flash mob, here are two versions, edited and unedited:

BlissDom ’11 Buzzword: Vulnerability

If I had to summarize the “theme” of BlissDom this year, it would be vulnerability. Brene Brown, opening keynote speaker said, “When you tie yourself to what people think, you lose the capacity to be vulnerable.”

I can say without question that I have allowed a fear of vulnerability to inhibit what I write in this space.

Scott Stratten’s closing keynote was excellent, too, with quotes like “It’s not my job to tell my market HOW to consume my product. I just want them to consume it.”

This post has turned into a compilation of all the smaller BlissDom recaps I could have written.

If you attended BlissDom, what was your favorite moment?

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