My family loves movies. Movie nights—whether family events or mom/dad dates—are a weekly fixture in our home. It’s a given on Fridays. As I tell my husband, it’s part of my contract.

Popcorn is an indispensable component, a conditioned response: “I’ll grab the movie and you get the popcorn.”

As much as I adore movie nights, I’ve always hated walking into my kitchen the next morning and facing the aftermath. Sometimes as many as five dirty popcorn bowls sit on the counter. Even if no one sees it, I turn into cranky, persecuted mom, mumbling and complaining as I wash those dishes.

Orville Redenbacher’s new Pop-Up Bowls are more than a clever concept, they’re a time, energy, and sanity saver for parents. The microwavable bag is also a bowl, you just tear off the lid. When it’s empty, just throw it away.

We’ve actually had two family movie nights with our Orville Redenbacher’s Pop-Up Bowls: Friday night with popcorn from BlissDom (ConAgra was a sponsor) and last night with samples that Collective Bias mailed us. Our movies were Nanny McPhee Returns and Secretariat, two excellent family picks.

Although they aren’t in stores now, Pop-Up Bowls will be available in Walmart as of February 20.

I promise you’ll love the convenience of these bowls or my name isn’t Orville Redenbacher. (Okay, so my name isn’t Orville Redenbacher, but do you remember these commercials?)

{Disclosure: Post compensated by Collective Bias, but opinions expressed are my own.}

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