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I have really loved reading what others—Emily, Seth, Melissa, Nester—have written lately about creating art and/or surrounding yourself with things that are meaningful to you.

Nester's Gallery Wall

Nester's Gallery Wall

When I read Nester’s post at (in)courage today about creating a gallery wall, I decided that’s exactly what I need to do with some of that art that’s sitting on my computer waiting to be enjoyed. I pulled out my box of 5 x 7 Red River Paper and a frame I bought a few months ago; selected three images taken at Cades Cove on our 25th anniversary trip; and started printing. I even managed to do it without cutting a finger on the glass, which happens almost every time I frame.

We’ve run out of nails, so for now my three-picture frame is propped up on our hutch in the dining room, a good place to attempt a gallery wall since there are areas without a lot of traffic flow.

Do you surround yourself with the art you create?

Extra special thanks to the top five referring sites to My Home Sweet Home for February:

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Thank you, ladies!

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