Southerners have a (deserved) reputation for not knowing how to drive in the snow. We get made fun of, especially in places like here in Atlanta where there are lots of Northern transplants; even my kids are doing it, and they’re Southern born and bred.

Basically we just shut down: schools, businesses, everything. In our defense, we don’t get enough snow to justify big personal or government expenditures designed to make our cars or roads more snow-ready.

To tell the truth, I’ve had a fabulous time being snowed in since Sunday night. I’m glad I don’t own snow tires or chains; no one is spreading salt or plowing my road; and I’m not expected to get out and drive in this.

Because I live in the South, I’ve spent the past three weekdays at home with my snowed in husband and kids playing Just Dance 2 on the Wii; baking bread; making homemade pasta; watching everything from Fred Astaire to X-Men; blogging; napping; crunching through the ice and snow in my old Bean Boots (which I’ve owned since I was 18 years old and left Arkansas to go to college in New Hampshire); sipping hot chocolate; skipping school (we homeschool, so we don’t really have to get out, anyway); dodging snowballs; staying up late and sleeping in; and accumulating Redbox late fees.

My only regret is forgetting to stock up on toilet paper, which I’m prepared to barter for with the neighbors in exchange for baked goods.


Too cool for school socks.











Please, keep the snow plows far, far from my neighborhood.

What about you? Got snow? If so, what have you been doing?

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