I had braces when my husband and I met. I always say it’s one of the ways I knew it was true love, since he fell for me then.

I remember feeling a little persecuted that I didn’t get braces until my junior year in high school. Couldn’t we have done this earlier? “You didn’t need them then,” was the doctor’s reply.

(Notice the closed-mouth braces smile in my senior yearbook photo?)

high school yearbook photo

Sr. Yearbook Photo

My top teeth weren’t bad, but the bottom ones had begun to sink back. I was already self-conscious about my nose. This made it much worse, especially in profile.

Our orthodontist was quirky; I remember his crazy quilted pants and offbeat office decor. My sister and I had braces at the same time.

Our high school had open campus at lunch, meaning we could go out to eat. After braces adjustments, when my mouth was sore, my girlfriends and I went to TCBY for yogurt. It seemed like a brilliant solution, but I’ll never forget the time when I ordered M&Ms on top. Frozen, hard-as-a-rock M&Ms. Ouch.

My braces were removed on a summer morning after my senior year. Afterward, I drove straight to my future husband’s house to show off my new, improved smile. I’m glad my parents were able to do this for me. It made such a difference in my appearance and confidence. I still wear a permanently attached retainer to keep those bottom teeth in place.

best high school friends

Best High School Friends

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