31 Days of Encouragement - Day 9

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
~Psalm 119:105

31 Days of EncouragementHave the first 8 days of the 31 Days of Encouragement benefited you? They have me. Spending time focusing on some of my favorite verses; enjoying some of my favorite images; and analyzing what these scriptures mean to me has been a joy.

  • I have practiced hospitality. Six kids have spent the night with mine this weekend.
  • My biggest resolution from last year remained undone and left me defeated. I’ve resolved to face my fear of failure and do my best to achieve it.
  • I heard a sermon on first fruits giving Friday night that was so powerful that it might warrant an additional post in this series.
  • I have been more prayerful.

You might find this strange, but sometimes I pray about my camera. Usually, I pray to make wise decisions while using it and not do anything to harm or break it (sometimes I find myself in precarious situations trying to get “the shot”). Tonight I prayed that my blog and my camera would glorify God, that He would bless my vision and my eye as I seek the beauty in the mundane.

The amazing thing about the first 8 days of this series is how much you’ve encouraged me. I’d wondered how many readers dropped by for the family and faith, and how many for the Photoshop (in my perfect world, you love them all, like me).

Well, on Day 4 FeedBurner sent me an unsubscribe notice for an email subscriber. Uh, oh. Here it comes, I thought. Guess what? That was the only one (make that two) I received. There actually appear to be several new subscribers here, and that humbles me. Thank you. I appreciate you all.

Also, in my BlissDom post I failed to thank DaySpring, who is helping sponsoring me to attend. One of the things I’m most excited about at BlissDom is the chance to meet some of the DaySpring folks that I know only via email but not in person. It must be a fabulous place to work because they are such positive, happy, encouraging people.

Did the first 8 days encourage you?

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