Confession: I’ve had a minor Help-Portrait personal crisis this year. I’m assigned to shoot instead of edit. Shooting at H-P means lighting, that nebulous thing that dangles off the edge of my comfort zone. With the help of two dear and generous friends, my perspective has cleared: Annie, who reminds me that the real disaster would be if families left feeling unloved, and Alan, who is an endless source of comfort, advice, and inspiration and believes that I actually know what I’m doing.

The main thing is that it isn’t about me, my gear, or whether I look like I’ve never seen a trigger or a strobe before tomorrow. It’s about them, the people we shoot. Their happiness. Serving.

“Poverty steals a lot of things, like your home and car and food, but it also steals something on the inside. Help-Portrait feeds that something on the inside.” ~ Annie Downs

How can you help? If you’re not already signed up to participate, I would suggest contacting a local group to see if they need help with lunch, drinks, or snacks for the workers. There might be a local restaurant willing to donate, but no one working at the location free to pick it up. Pray for those working and those being served.

I am just so happy to be part of this event.


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