Help Portrait 12-04-10: Lawrenceville, GAThe H-P crew from the Lawrenceville Housing Authority

I told you about my case of Help-Portrait jitters this year. What I didn’t tell you is how fabulous it turned out to be; how we shot for eight-nine straight hours but loved every minute of it; how many people were blessed by the efforts of our hardworking crew at our Lawrenceville, GA, Housing Authority location.

On a person note: all of my fears were eased. I worked with a fabulous man (front and center in the photo) who brought lights for my station and helped me pose families of all shapes and sizes. It would have been an amazing day strictly from a photographic point of view, but when you consider how appreciative these families were, the sweet little faces of the children, what a privilege and honor it was just to be part of such a worthy effort—words can’t do the feeling justice.

To top off the blessings of the day, I left and drove straight to church, where we had communion as the first service in our new building.

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