At this current time, I am completely obsessed with the fall palette that surrounds me, estimating which trees are in process of peaking, at their peak, or days away from becoming empty-limbed skeletons.

Are the leaves beginning to dry and crumble, or still shapely and vibrant? How long will they last?

I’ve even pulled to the side of the road and shot them with my zoom lens from the driver’s seat, or gotten out in the Walmart parking lot and aimed up into the tree next to my parking space. Yes, I did.

First, I must show you my oldest son’s picture from a wedding this weekend where he was a groomsman. Isn’t he handsome? He said he felt like he could do anything while wearing that tux.

All Dressed Up

He and his girlfriend patiently waited while I experimented with backlighting, which strolls hand-in-hand with fall leaves as my current photographic fixation.

Here’s a taste of the fall color in north Georgia this November. I’m so thankful that God saw fit to wow us in this way at the change of seasons instead of allowing the leaves to just wither and fall.






I’ll never forget as a college freshman in New Hampshire, that there were kids from other parts of the world who had never experienced fall foliage (and later snow, too). Never. Can you imagine?

Take a moment to experience the beauty of this season with fresh vision, like it’s your first time.

How are the leaves where you live?

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