Do you save things, for no apparent reason? I do it all the time and I’m not really sure why.

I packed anything and everything I could possibly want for our anniversary trip, which included four boxes of hot tea and two of hot chocolate. My husband, determined that I have a restful trip, made breakfast and lunch every day. Once he realized that the Tazo Wild Sweet Orange hot tea was my favorite, he quit asking which kind I wanted and made me a cup of it every single day.

Would I have done that—go straight for my favorite every time? Never!


My husband is out-of-state for his grandmother’s funeral and I’m missing him something awful. I think the kids would agree that I’m a lousy single parent.

Inspired by his example…today I grabbed the Wild Sweet Orange and didn’t give a second thought to my foolish reasons to save it.:-)

Do you have favorite things that you save? Do you know why?

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