Today my husband and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary; this also marks my 1000th post. I would like to share a  small slice of our story and humbly ask you to leave a comment at the end, in what I hope will be an online guest book.

1984 (Arkansas)

There was a boy and a girl; he was 17, she was 18. They met in May of her senior year, just months before she’d leave for college, 1800 miles from home. That summer they fell in love.

Although they had other dreams, none seemed nearly so important now as being together. She loved college, but missed him so much she returned home after fall term. They became engaged the following spring; he drove her back to school in the fall; and they married on a crisp October day in New Hampshire.

The next quarter of a century would bring 8 children, 3 states, and 11 places called home (now Atlanta). Life wasn’t always easy or perfect, but throughout the years they grew closer, not further apart.

1 man. 1 woman. 25 years. Whatever the next 25 years will bring, they’ll face it together. 

The Guest Book

Thank you for being here, whether you’re a real life friend, an online friend, or a first time visitor. It is my special wish that everyone who stops by would leave a comment, making this post our 25th anniversary online guest book. Thank you so much for being a part of this special day!

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