Our 19-year-old son graduated high school last May, but because housing wasn’t available at the college he’ll attend, he’s been home with us for a year and will start school next month. You would think a teenage boy at loose ends for a year is a recipe for disaster, but actually he’s become highly productive: a real organizer; worker; and a blessing to not only us but neighbors, church, and even the census bureau, where he continues to be a favorite employee.


One of his latest projects is a small bookshelf that he built for the little kids’ books and puzzles in our living room. It might not look straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog, but it’s serving a much needed function. The big bookcase was overflowing and the kids’ stuff was hanging off the front of most shelves, making it difficult to reach the older kids’ books or anything else.

Look at it now. I even have an empty shelf at the moment.


Now the little girls have a place for all their things, and they’ve done a good job keeping them there so far…


which means easier access to the fun stuff and a higher success rate for clean up, because everything has its place.




{Isn’t it amazing how much color and life the most ordinary things have when viewed through your lens?}



We’re going to miss him so much when he leaves for college next month, but I know he’ll do well and can’t wait to see the man he’s becoming.

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