Last year we noticed a bird building a nest in our front porch light. My 15-year-old son wrapped some packing tape around the bottom to block the bird before it could lay eggs. Unfortunately, he was too late. We later noticed bird’s feathers stuck to the tape, and realized there had been eggs in the nest and the mother hadn’t been able to return.

Talk about a lousy learning experience. We felt like murderers.

This week we’ve noticed a nest being built there again. I was naïve enough to think it was too late in the season for birds to be laying eggs. Wrong. We’ve got a new family setting up housekeeping on our front porch.

There are at least four eggs.


We’re trying to be careful and not turn on the front porch light. Every time the kids walk out the front door, they say the mama bird flies out of the nest.


For now, we may go in and out through the garage most of the time, and just observe through the window.


Has this ever happened to you?

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