Last Saturday, July 24, was Scott Kelby’s 3rd annual Worldwide Photo Walk, which I attended in historic Roswell, GA, on a very hot and humid morning here in the Deep South.

One of the greatest things about a photo walk is hanging out with people with a common interest in photography, sharing ideas, tips, and advice. I watched one walker eagerly show another how to shoot for HDR on his new Canon, and how he jumped right in and enjoyed building a body of work to develop this new angle in his post-processing.

I also love the extended camaraderie of viewing and commenting on each other’s photos in our group’s Flickr pool after the walk. I’m looking forward to some time going through my group’s photos. The full pool of Worldwide Photo Walk photos can be found here.

Our group broke into three sub-groups, starting in different directions. Mine began at Bullock Hall, an 1830’s pre-Civil War estate spared by Sherman. Seeing nearly 200-year-old gems such as this preserved makes you realize just how much was lost.



A woman who was working on the grounds told us that there was a nature trail behind the house, including a waterfall. She then looked at my feet and said that I couldn’t go because my shoes weren’t appropriate. I didn’t bother saying that they were 3-year-old Aerosole sandals that I live in because they’re so comfortable. Maybe they looked more like velvet heels. 🙂

There was a lovely garden, though.





This little bunny is almost completely covered in ivy, all but his ears. At that point, I don’t think you’ll even be able to tell what he is.


Next was Barrington Hall, where they had graciously placed cold water (with cucumber slices!) on the front porch. Considering the heat index was over 100°, it was a most welcome site.





Of course, it’s the other photographers that make a photo walk fun. We had a great crew.


Four of us wound up in a cemetery toward the end of our walk. I loved this blue ornament I found there.



They don’t call kudzu “the vine that ate the South” for nothing. I’m assuming this was once a tree.


At the end I took off my shoes, climbed in the fountain in the middle of the town square, and let this little guy spit water on my feet. It was a beautiful moment.


Next, I met my family and went downtown to Centennial Olympic Park for the Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic picnic. But that’s for another post…:-)

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