Flickr is undergoing some formatting changes, the biggest of which, for me, is the ability to easily grab code for 640px images. Within minutes of noticing that change, I added 50 extra pixels to my main content column, which then meant that I had to add 50 extra pixels to my blog’s header (which just meant a tad of spacing adjustment and some additional white space, because that new header is all about white space, now isn’t it?).

{On a side note, does anyone miss the diary girl in the header, or has she been forgotten?}

At the moment, I am understandably enamored with the 640px format. Could I have done 640px before? Of course, with a (very) little work. They’ve just made it so easy now, and easy works for me.

Our yard seems to be full of frogs of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Maybe it’s because Atlanta is out of the drought and we have a pond behind our house again.

Mr. Toad 1

As much as I harass my kids about their Silly Bandz obsession, I do like the color pop they add to photos. 🙂

Mr. Toad 5

Mr. Toad 4

He’s really awfully cute, isn’t he?

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