Through the kitchen window, I spied three of my boys and four neighbors playing baseball in our yard. The side of our house has been converted into an unofficial baseball field where games are played most sunny summer afternoons.

It’s so fancy they’ve added an on deck bench. Not too fancy, actually, but the bench is there, nonetheless, a good spot for an observer or a mom with a camera…

Our bases are orange cones.


Hold on tight or you might slide off.


This nimble, elf-like creature is my youngest son. 🙂


In backyard baseball the rules are fluid, and not always fair.


Shoes are optional. No missteps or you might wind up in the flower beds.


Bases are worn down to the dirt. I rebelled at first, but husband reminded me that we should want the kids in our yard more than the grass.


The age span on these teams is from 5 to 19. We hold a very unstructured draft.


Tennis, not baseballs pitched, too, so we can keep our windows.


Observing from the bench reminded me how very different boys are than girls, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 😉

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