I’ll be leading the Atlanta iHeartFaces nationwide photo walk this Saturday along with Mishelle! My family went to Oakland Cemetery after church Sunday and scoped it out. I was also doing Scott Kelby’s Old School Photo Challenge, so it was a great place for that.

Speaking of Scott, I took the photo that appears on his Thursday News Stuff post this week. You can laugh at me all you want when you see that it’s a grainy photo I took with his iPhone. I can take it. 🙂

Here are a few of those shots from Sunday:




Heart of the matter has just released a new edition of their digital magazine. This edition focuses on homeschooling high school. A picture I took from my son’s high school graduation is on the cover, and I have an article in the magazine called Staying the Course: Homeschooling Through High School.

If you live in Atlanta, join me for the Hebrew National Better-Than-a-Picnic picnic on June 19. I will be one of the hosts, so look for more details to come!

Last but not least, do you like the new summer look?

(I said that was the last, but I’d also appreciate it if anyone has any insight as to why there’s a wonky looking bullet point thing that’s appearing at the bottom of my posts below the Link Within widget. It’s only there on individual page views, not when you go to my home page.)

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