My mother passed away six years ago, on my 38th birthday. Two years later, missing her was the impetus for starting my blog. During all but a short period of my life I lived close to her, so there’s no stash of cross-country letters. My treasures are handwritten recipe cards with instructions like:

She would have been an amazing blogger, honest, witty, wise. I grasp for memories of her: old photographs, stories shared with family and friends. Leaving something behind for my kids motivates me to blog.

Admittedly, I’m a little jealous when I hear other people talk about things they do with their mothers. I realize that I was blessed to have mine for so many years and to live close to her.

Procter and Gamble recognizes the special relationship between a woman and her mother, and wants to reunite 100 mothers and daughters with its “Thank You Mom” campaign. Life’s milestones—weddings, births, graduations—aren’t the same without a mother’s presence. Trust me, I know.

Here are the official details:

Log onto and enter to win a gift card to help cover the cost of a special reunion with your mom or mom figure in your life. Entrants must submit a 100-word essay describing why they would like to be reunited with their mom. Consumers are also invited to vote for their favorite entries. Each month, 15 winners will be chosen through November 30th. Winners will also receive a portable digital video camera to capture their reunion and are encouraged to share the video. Specific contest rules and regulations can be found online at Visit the thankyoumom website at the end of each month and vote for the top stories.

If my mom were still here and didn’t live close to me, you can bet I would enter. I would love for someone who reads this post to win.

[If you enter, let me know and then leave me a link to go vote for you!]

{Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by P&G}

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