I recently reviewed the Kodak Pulse wi-fi enabled digital frame; it was one of those items that I knew we would love even before it arrived. We also received a Kodak ESP Office-6150 All-in-One printer. Although interested in testing it, I wasn’t nearly so excited, mostly because there is already a color laser and a photo printer/scanner/copier sitting on my desk.

After testing this printer for a month, I can honestly say that my other photo printer is about to be boxed up and sent to the basement.

First I’ll share my experience with the printer, and then I’ll tell how I’m using it.

Things I like about the Kodak ESP Office-6150 All-in-One Printer

  • It’s wi-fi enabled; right now it’s on a table across the room not using up one of my precious USB ports
  • Multi-page documents can be scanned by laying them on the top tray and they will feed themselves through the scanner
  • It has a fax machine (hallelujah!) and will also feed multi-page faxes through the top tray
  • I had no trouble setting it up and connecting it to our wi-fi network
  • Put multiple photos on the scanner and it will save them individually (I placed two 4x6s and a wallet on the scanner, and it saved them as three separate jpgs)

How I’m using it

Blessing others with my camera is something that has really been on my mind lately. If you’re like me and tend to take pictures at events where your family is involved, you’ll eventually get requests from people to please photograph their family members as well.

But here’s the thing: if I take a picture of your son at my son’s baseball game and you never see it, what does that accomplish?

This past month I’ve done the following using the Kodak ESP Office-6150 All-in-One Printer:

  • Printed group pictures and candids for my son’s entire baseball team
  • Included recent photos in “thank you” bags I put together for friends
  • Printed photos for the framed cork board we gave my husband for Father’s Day
  • Printed two stacks of photos to mail to grandmothers
  • Sent a fax from home (didn’t have to send it to work with my hubby!)


Two of my kids have now put up cork boards in their rooms for mementos and pictures; they love looking at images on my computer and choosing ones we’ll print.

Being able to print with high quality and low cost enables you to be generous with the photos you take, and that blesses both the giver and the receiver.


Traditionally, color ink cartridges have been ridiculously expensive, but the MSRP for the standard black replacement cartridge is $9.95; $16.99 for the black ink cartridge 10XL (75% more ink than the standard cartridge); and $17.99 for the color ink cartridge. As much printing as I’ve done, the printer’s software on my computer says that the black cartridge is almost full and the color is only half empty.

The printer itself lists for $229.99, but I found it for $50 less at Amazon and Walmart.

Kodak’s mantra is sharing, and I have fully embraced it.

{Disclosure: Product provided for review.}

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