Morning found this jar sitting in the window sill above my kitchen sink:


My nineteen-year-old son is rather deep, almost poetic, and I knew that this was his doing. It made me smile, and throughout the day it continued to pop into my mind at unexpected times: What would I put in my wish jar?

Later my ten-year-old daughter brought me two four-leaf clovers. (Whoever decided that they were difficult to find didn’t know my kids. They bring them to me on an almost daily basis.)


“Put them in the wishes jar,” I said, and then had to explain since she hadn’t seen it.

Some of my jewelry is very symbolic to me, and this necklace brought the jar to mind again.


The charm was a generous BlissDom gift from The Vintage Pearl. It speaks to me of sailing, soaring. Taking chances. Fun and freedom. More for the simple Mason jar of wishes sitting on my window sill.

What’s in your wish jar?

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