As more blog conferences and other opportunities present themselves to bloggers, sponsorship has become one of the hottest trending topics in social media. Twitter parties with the #getasponsor hashtag and Get a Sponsor website have sprung up to help women discover how to approach and work with companies to the benefit of both parties.

Truly, it’s a win/win situation: bloggers can provide the social network outreach and real, first-hand reviews of products or services for the companies, and the companies can provide those products and the funding to get us to conferences where we can expand our networks (start or deepen friendships with other bloggers within the community), thereby increasing our outreach and exposure for the brands who help get us there. Win/win.

I recommend approaching companies whose products you already use or are genuinely passionate about, a good fit for you, your blog, your readers.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Although my blog focuses primarily on photography, homeschooling, parenting, and family life, I approached Spanx for sponsorship to BlissDom. That affiliation was a perfect fit (no pun intended) for a woman who’s birthed eight children attending a blog conference where all the women are trying to look their most fabulous.

What I don’t recommend is taking it personally if a company refuses you, or never answers your request at all. I didn’t receive responses from three companies that I contacted about Photoshop World sponsorship. Two were companies with which I’ve worked with and have a good relationship.

It’s easy to internalize that or even let it hurt your feelings (talking from experience here). Don’t. Maybe there’s a company-wide policy about personal sponsorships, or your email got lost in the shuffle. Admittedly, an open refusal is much easier than no answer at all.

Photoshop World Sponsorship Thank Yous!

Later this month I will be attending my third Photoshop World, this time in Orlando. I currently have two sponsors, Red River Paper and Artistic Photo Canvas; both companies’ products grace the walls of my home.

Look for upcoming posts featuring these companies.

I’m seeking additional sponsorship for Photoshop World. Transportation, hotel, and food costs add up on the road! If you would be interested in having me represent you there, please email me via my Contact form.

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