Dianne, a.k.a. @bunnytrails, is a dear online friend that I hope someday to meet IRL (in real life). Although she wasn’t able to attend BlissDom in the flesh, “Flat Dianne” and I had a swell time at BlissDom.

Starting the trip with Sara and her flat friend, Lisa:


Those girls loved Chili’s!


Dianne is an avid photographer, so I knew she’d be thrilled to hang with Angie and Amy from iHeartFaces!


Flat Dianne also got to meet Sprittibee IRL. It was a great Homeschool Post meet-up!


Other flat friends were in attendance at BlissDom, including this one who was lucky enough to get a kiss from Harry!


If you or someone you know took a flat friend, please leave a post or photo link in comments!

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More BlissDom:

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