Three of my best girlfriends and I are on our second annual weekend trip to the mountains, an event that has inspired no small amount of excitement and anticipation for four mothers with eighteen combined children among us. We each try to bless the others in our own unique way, whether cooking, planning excursions, whatever.

My “jobs” are to document the weekend in photos, and provide movie and musical entertainment. Last year I succeeded. This year I’ve failed in all areas and have had to learn to just suck it up and make the most of it.

As soon as we settled into the rental cabin, I pulled out my camera and saw a big flashing “E” on the display. No memory card. After racing around—practically hyperventilating—digging through my bags and going nuts, I realized that it’s in my photo printer at home. My card reader died just before we left and I was trying to download photos via the printer (which incidentally didn’t work).

Next, I pulled out the movies that I’d brought, only to discover that they were empty. No movies. Just empty cases. This happened just minutes after I noted that the ones here at the cabin are awful. Fail #2.

At this point in the story, it should be no surprise that I forgot CDs, too.

And so I’ve tried to suppress my high maintenance personality and adapt. I bought a new memory card at Walmart after missing the first 24 hours of photo opportunities, and rented movies from a Redbox.

Today it’s home to church and family, and taking my four youngest to see Mulan at the Alliance Theater, but wow, three days in the mountains with my girlfriends has been wonderful. 🙂

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