harumikaRarely has a review product entered our home that has created quite the buzz and anticipation of the Harumika, a dress designing kit containing a dress form, three pieces of fabric, fashion stickers, accessories, and a stylus design tool. My girls were so excited that they sketched fashions before we opened the box, adding another creative aspect to the toy.



The dress form has an opening in the back, lined with a rubber insert that is cut in a wavy line down the middle. Fabric is wrapped around the doll to create outfits and tucked into the opening with the enclosed stylus tool. The rubbery material “grips” the fabric, so it stays put once you tuck it inside.

Included accessories can be used to create belts, shawls, necklaces—your child’s imagination is the limit.


As a mother, there’s an awful lot to like about the Harumika:

  • It encourages active, creative play
  • Although there are additional products available, you can use fabric scraps and pieces of fringe, etc. that you already own to create more outfits
  • No batteries required!
  • Doesn’t have the “trashy” look of so many dolls marketed to girls today
  • My kids enjoy it and play with it

All of the outfits shown here were made with the three pieces of fabric and the accessories enclosed in our Style Starter Kit. Harumika is available now at Toys R Us and Target.



[Product provided for review.]

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