The speaker dinner at Bouchon, a lovely French restaurant in downtown Asheville, was one of the highlights of my Type-A Mom conference experience. The cozy, intimate setting—pure eye candy—was photographic bliss. Our chef (authentically French, but of course!) shared a delightful mix of food and stories. It was a magical evening.

Last week I showed the easel that now stands in our dining room with five images from that series. The colors and theme are perfect for a dining room or kitchen. I have just started using Pictage for uploading prints for order, and I created a set of them there. They are currently running a two-for-one print promotion.

Click this link or the button below to view them. The site will ask you to create a username and password. Sorry about that. I just thought they were so beautiful and wanted to make them available if others were interested in them, too.


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